As a kid, I lived and breathed all things Disney. I had every VHS tape, book, princess outfit and whatever else you may think may be associated I was sure to have. Early on, like any other girl, I took a strong liking to princesses hoping one day to find my prince charming just like in the movies.

As I grow, and technologies change, it’s hard to not be a digital person. We live in a generation where not knowing how to work a laptop or a smartphone is almost as bad as not knowing how to read. Everything is becoming more and more technologically advanced that it’s almost required to know how to¬†work these devices. While all of this may be true, I love to read murder mystery¬†books. I like to read books that I can actually hold, not on a Kindle or an iPad. With a Kindle or an iPad storage is limited and books have to be deleted off of your device to get new ones; but with actual hardcopy books there’s always room for a bookshelf.

For any type of media that exists there is a potential for the wrong way to use it. In particular, at my school an app on your smartphone called Yik Yak caused some major issues. This is a type of media you could say that I hate. Yik Yak is like an anonymous twitter. Anyone can download the app, use location services to post to your area, and you’re good to go. No user names, no emails, nothing. Completely anonymous. As a result, some of the posts can get pretty nasty and hateful pretty quickly. I don’t feel like this is how this platform was intended to be used and it’s extremely frustrating.

After taking this class I hope to grow my online presence, learn how media is used in different aspects of our lives, and more. As a business administration major I took this class to hopefully learn more about media and the different ways we can use it to our advantage and how I can potentially use the different things we learn in a business career in the future.