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Media, in some form or fashion, has become a key element in our lives. Really, it always has been; but here lately it has taken a much bigger role. Books, movies, T.V. shows or whatever it may be can serve many different purposes in our lives and it’s important to explore and grow through these.

harry potter

Harry Potter is first on my list because it’s basically a classic for my generation. We all, or almost all, grew up reading these books then watching the movies as they came out at midnight premieres. I find this essential because it allows us to escape into a world unknown to us and it’s good to fuel and challenge your imagination.

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I could write for hours on Grey’s so I’ll try to keep it short. Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air since 2005. Over 10 years! I deem this as essential because it’s not only a steamy drama story line, but because it addresses real world issues. In the show there is a gay couple, job changes, divorce, and actual real life things we may experience. Being able to see how others would handle these types of real world situations but in an imaginary world allows us to be able to look at our circumstances differently. On another note, there have been countless times I’ve seen posts on the stars of the show Instagram page and comments fill the space with how they’ve inspired a young girl to become a doctor. A TV SHOW INSPIRED SOMEONE TO BE A DOCTOR, and that’s saying a lot.

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This one may be a little risky but I do think it’s essential. Almost everyone knows what Cosmopolitan magazine is about, and it’s no shame that they’re not like any other magazines. I think this is essential because it normalizes such undiscussed topics. Body image, sex, social life or whatever the case may be. They may take some hits, saying that it’s too risque, but the information provided in some of the issues is untouched by other magazines.

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While to some Walt Disney may be a media in itself, I want to talk about Disney specifically. As a child I grew up on all this Disney related. Like the Harry Potter books, Disney takes you to a world you wouldn’t go to on your own and they dominate the business that they’re in. Princes to princesses, villains to heroes; Disney has you covered. For young girls, Disney lets them believe that anything is possible. Grew up in a poor family? A prince will come some day to your rescue and you’ll live happily ever after. Some may think this is a bad thing, giving false hope. But if someones situation is that bad that they turn to Disney movies as an out; I’m all for it.

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Big Brother is a reality TV show where house guests live together for a whole summer and play crazy games, vote people out of the house, and win competitions to compete for a chance at half a million dollars. I think this is essential because it shows real life people and what they would do to win a cool $500,000. This goes to show you that even though you think you may know someone, they might not be exactly who you think they are and when under pressure or a prize is at steak; people will do anything to win.

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