Radio Interview

Interview Plan

Who: Joseph Hefner

Topic: trip to Africa


(Intro) Good afternoon listeners thanks for tuning in today. We’ve got a special guest with us today. He’s an Oklahoma Baptist University alumni, a youth minister at First Baptist Church in Denison and has a pretty interesting story to tell us about a mission trip to Africa that he’s been on not once, but twice during his college career and how it affected him and his faith.

Let’s welcome Joseph Hefner, everybody!

Hey Joseph how’s it going?


Good, good. So as you know; I want, and I think all of our listeners want, to know about your trip to Africa. But let’s start all the way at the beginning so we get the whole picture. What got you interested in this?


A trip to Africa can’t be cheap. How did you fund the trip?


Tell me about the plane ride there. Flying from one continent to another over mostly ocean has to be pretty cool, right? Did anything interesting happen along the way or did you stop anywhere worth mentioning?


So once you got to Africa, what all did you do?


-follow up questions during the answer of “what all did you do?”

Culture is definitely different from the USA to Africa, how did you adjust to this difference?


While you were there did you get to do anything “touristy?”



It sounds like that was quite the trip, thank you so much for sharing that with us! Do you have any departing words for our audience?



Like the famous saying goes “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” From our talk today I think it’s clear that we are meant to travel, meant to go out into the world and do good things and learn from these experiences. So I’ll leave you with this; go out, see the world, and do great things! Thanks for tuning in today, we’ll catch ya next time.


Anecdote: I expect Joseph to recount his trip to Africa and for him to specifically tell us about the mission work he did, as well as the touristy things that he experienced while in Africa.

Reflection: I plan on reflecting on his trip and really highlighting the importance of travelling and how it can really open our minds and change our views on the world.


Authors Statement: For this interview I want listeners to understand that travel is part of our lives; and an important part at that. No matter what the circumstance is we are almost called to travel. It could be for a mission trip like Joseph discussed or just travel in general. This can change our views of the world we live in and how we see other cultures so it is a vital part of growing up.